1. sophiahateyew said: That you so much. Your page has helped me figure out who I am and what I identify as. (Agender. Pansexual.) I love this page so much every from of support or social place I can find you, I do. Thank you.

    :D You’re welcome!

    We are on instagram, facebook, twitter, and tumblr.  If you find accounts of us elsewhere, it is not us.  :D

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  2. Anonymous said: I'm a 16 year old, gay boy... well... at least I think. Recently I've been feeling like I'm not so much... well a boy. I know its called either bigender or genderfluid but I just wanted to tell someone, even if it's in annon.

    Bigender - a gender identity that includes two or more genders.  Bigender people may alternate between genders or experience them simultaneously, or both.”

    Genderfluid - having a gender identity that changes/is flexible.  This may happen on its own or change according to circumstances/environment.”

    Other genders here.

    Congrats on coming out to someone!

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  3. Anonymous said: I've been with my girlfriend for over four years now, and I love her so very much. But I'm not sexualy attracted to her at all. Romantically I'm fine, but outside of that I feel absolutely nothing. I never have. Is this normal?

    To me, not feeling sexual attraction is normal - i am asexual.  To others, they’d be devistated, as being sexual is a huge part of their life.  Only you know if it is normal for you or not.  

    Most/all asexuals also have a romantic attraction (homo/hetero/bi/pan/a/poly/etc) which is the romantic attraction to whatever gender(s).

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  4. A note on how this blog works:

    When you send me an ask, i queue the response so it goes out sometimes in the next few days.  Please be patient.  And don’t send multiple about the same thing, i assure you i’ve receive’d it and your answer is coming out soon.  

    I intersperse the asks with images, links, etc, as so the blog isn’t boring for those who have #hagd asks blocked, as they don’t want to see answers/advice.

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  5. Anonymous said: I'm 14 years old. I have no idea about my sexuality right now; it's a wibbly-wobbly mess. I've told a few of my friends that I like girls and guys, but with a few, I'm afraid that they'll pass it off as another person going through a phase. I've liked girls since forever, from a distance. I'm afraid that they won't think I "play the part," or may be homophobic. I don't have a label for myself; I've said that if I fall in love with someone, I'm going to, regardless of gender. What on earth am I?

    If you’re attracted to all genders, or don’t care about the gender of the person, that sounds like pansexual to me.

    Now, as to your friends, while it is hard to hear at age 14, who cares what they think?  I know, middle/high school is the time in ones life where there’s a lot of gossip and drama flying around the internet/school about people and people care a lot about what others think of them, however in 5-10 years, that won’t matter.

    There is no “part” to play with regards to lgbt.  We are all different, and all express our queer-ness in different ways.

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  6. Anonymous said: im a trans man and i want to get my ear pierced, but im afraid of what my friends will think since they see me as a girl and they seem pretty igorant to the whole trans* thing. what can i tell them to ease the confusion?

    First off, if they can’t see you are male, are they really good friends?

    Second off, no one says that men don’t have their ears pierced!  PLENTY OF men/guys do!

    Thirdly, you don’t have to stick to the gender binary!  Do what you want!  I know saying ‘fuck it’ to your friends is hard, but if they’re not accepting of you, what good is it to your mental health to stick around?

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  7. Anonymous said: Do you know what the best way tl ask my mom if I can get my hair cut short?im a girl and whenever I do anything relatively masculine she gets kinda defensive and makes faces. I've stood up to her about clothing and she backed off a little.

    Can you show your mom pictures of girls with short hair, like jennifer lawrence?

    There’s other celebrities out there that are female and who have short hair.  There is nothing masculine about short hair.

    I hope this helps!

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  8. lanadelstephanie:



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