1. Asks are back!  thanks for being understanding - i’m down to 7 left, i queue’d the rest….the others i am waiting on info for or will be writing up while at work thurs/friday evenings and then post after work.  :D

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  2. From our facebook inbox:

    This past week I’ve been working on a presentation that I needed to do for my communications class. The topic assigned was to do a relationship analysis of a family member, friend, or significant other. I chose my parents.

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  3. Hi I’m Asa and I’m 13 and I wanted to tell you my story 

    So last october I came out as bi to my mom and she said that if I could avoid it to not tell my grandparents or aunt and uncle because they’er very anti gay and religous

    And now I’m reilizeing or coming to terms with or whatever you call it that I’m trasgender ( wich means if i go through transition i’d be FTM ) but I’m scarred cuz of my situation and because of that I keep trying to figure it out and be positive about it cuz at my age it could be hormones telling me this and plus I am pretty girly so I’m not sure 

    So I’m also kinda seeking help

    — leaprechaun10666
    girly or not doesn’t really matter.  Why do you think you are transgender?  Take a look at this for coming out advice for transgender.  

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  4. Anonymous asked: I need advice. I am fifteen I am a lesbian, and Ive known for about 4 years. I know I need to tell my best friend. We've been friends a really long time and I know she is very supportive of the LGBTQ community. The problem is that I am terrified and I wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable or like I've been lying to her for so long. I know I'll be accepted, I just need advice on how to tell her because I'm so afraid. Do you have advice?

    I would preface it with “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, but I am a lesbian.  I haven’t told you because I wasn’t ready to come out, but now I am.”  And see what she says.  You wouldn’t’ve been lying, sometimes you (people) are not ready to come out to everyone right away.

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  5. My friend who is straight gets hit on by girls all the time and I don’t. I love dressing in cute clothes but it only seems girls notice me when I’m dressed like stereotypical lesbian. Plaid shirt, tight jeans and boots. I don’t wanna stop being cute but it gets frustrating not being noticed. What should I do? Sorry if this is a bother. But everyone else tells me to just wear more “gay” clothes and I have no idea what that even means. I’ve only been openly gay for about a year now and I feel like there is no one for me to talk to and ask for advice or help. Again, sorry to bother you.

    — mutat-nilpoj
    [I feel like this happens to all people - not just lgbt people….I was with a friend at a bar for st patty’s day, and she got hit on, and i got ignored.  (this was when i thought i was straight)  I don’t know how to fix this….maybe someone else does?  Sorry!  followers, ideas?

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  6. red-is-here:

Ymir x Christa.
Fuente: http://www.zerochan.net/1503443


    Ymir x Christa.

    Fuente: http://www.zerochan.net/1503443

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  7. Advice on how to approach possible people that you have a crush on and might a crush on you

    I have had a few experiences with this myself. I went to an all-male private school and then went to public school, both sides have guys who love to joke around and love to play the "bromance" act just for the laughs. We use to touch and feel each others, crotches, butts and some other erogenous zones (it is the worst ;_;) on both schools everyone knew I was gay. Straight (or were they?), openly bisexual guys would play with me like that. A whole war of caresses.

    It was torture because, during my first 9 years in the private school, me and my beloved guy (I still love him, actually, ever since the 3rd grade, Macklemore? anyone? ok (._.) ) but it was a horrible experienced I cried every night because I knew he was straight. He was just being friendly. Him, my friends and surprisingly even my homophobic classmates all played the “gay guy” (the closet cases were hard to tell) nobody ever shared their feelings with me because it was a catholic school, you could get in trouble so everyone just played around to cover for the ones who truly were (and nobody confessed who was what to me ;-;), but anyways, my point is, if the place you go to is LGBT-friendly and you have an awesome support system, also you are not in ANY DANGER and you accept the fact that you are gay or whatever, you should come out and wait for that person to approach YOU, maybe the person will even come out as gay or bi or pan or demi or Gaga or Ellen DeGeneres, maybe following your example.

    HOWEVER, if you are worried that people will criticize and judge you, and the people around you (friends, family or whatever) will try to harm you physically, emotionally, or psychologically, or live in a homophobic place, DO NOT COME OUT, I tell you this because a friend of mine lived in a small town, he was the only openly gay person in the place. He was depressed for a very long time and he just couldn’t get out, the church (not sure if mormom, catholic or christian) told his family to rid of his name on the will, he finally committed suicide. Mostly because he just couldn’t bear the fact that he was alone according to the letter he sent me the day they found him, if I knew then I would have said this exact same thing: “When you feel as alone as you re right now, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE. Pretend, act, convince them of something that may calm them and keep eyes away and get out of there! If they are forcing you to deny who you really are, maybe making your enemies (family, friends, etc.) happy is not worth it. It will be hard but in the end it’ll be worth it.”

    I’m following my own advice. It’s been hell in the past 3 years of high school, I’ve met straight dudes that were just pretending and got my heart broken, but nobody was ever there for me, I learned to protect myself. Always. Make sure to see who your friends are I’m not sure of the situation but just find someone who you can truly trust, and try not to risk anything if you ever see ANY DANGER

    Whoa this became a little longer than I thought xD. GOOD LUCK MAN <3!!! HAVE A MOTHERTRUCKER GAY DAY X3!!!!

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  8. ilovetobookreview replied to your post: When a non-transgender person is doing…

    I don’t understand what that means… Would you be able to explain that?

    It means that transgender people have a harder time at life than lesbians, gays, bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, and everyone else.  

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  9. itsdeevilqueen answered your post: Hi! My name is Hannah :), I was wonder…

    I asked out my ex by having pizza delivered to her place that had hope this isnt to cheesy but do you wanna be my girl? written on the box

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAxUIjJrFKQ  from this video?  :D

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  10. Anonymous asked: help! im a boy and im confused about my sexuality. ive been sort of attracted to both girls and boys in the past and ive gotten more flustered around girls than boys but ive never had a desire to date a girl or have sex with a girl. ive had more of a desire to date boys. i have this odd attraction towards good fashion a dgood colour schemes (?????) and i think the fashion part may have something to do with me liking females aesthetically and i might just be gay but i don't know

    fashion and color schemes have nothing to do with being gay.  Thats a stereotype, and I try to not perpetuate stereotypes.

    Now.  Attraction to boys and girls - sexual? romantic?  I assume romantic/aesthetic towards girls, as you have no desire to date or have sex with them.  it could go sexual or romantic to the guys, as you said you could date them.

    could be biromantic, could be gay, etc.  You don’t always have to define your attraction to all genders when figuring out your label.  I’m sure some gay men (who define themself as gay) find women aesthetically pleasing but don’t find the desire to date or have sex with them.

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